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  • Year 11 exam and end of term arrangements 2017

    Published 28/04/17

    Year 11 examination/end of term information 

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  • The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

    Published 28/04/17

    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe production took place on 25th April 2017.

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  • BBC News School ReportĀ 

    Published 16/03/17

    BBC News School Report has been a great success.

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  • Medway SSG Sports Hall Athletics 12th January 17

    Published 13/01/17

    RMGS celebrated their success in the Athletics event on 12th January.  Both year 8 teams will now go on to represent Medway in the Kent School games at Medway Park on Weds 8th Feb 2017, 2-5:30pm. 

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  • Science Specialist School
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 3 Subjects
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute Leadership 2016
  • Leading Edge
  • Educational Outcomes Awards
  • Ofsted Outstanding