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RMGS School Fund Information

Each year we ask parents to pay £15.00 into the School Fund.  This fund is used to support expeditions in Geography, Languages and other subjects.  We can only subsidise these and students have to be asked to pay towards the cost of each visit.  (No-one will be barred from going on an education or sporting journey because the family are unable to pay.  We are a school community and we would rather say that an educational activity could not take place than have the participants chosen by their ability to pay).

Other items supported from the fund include the cost of the school homework diaries, a contribution towards the running the school mini buses, anti-bullying activities and one off payments such as additional outside seating etc.

Gift Aid

The School (fund) has charitable status and therefore is able to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK tax payer.  Please fill out and return the form below (to school) to enable us to reclaim the tax paid from the Government.

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  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 3 Subjects 2017
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