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Fly tipping


A Load of Rubbish?

By Emma-Jane Thornton, Isabella Brindley, Makeda Craig and Amy-Rose Pike

Fly Tipping has become a major problem in the past few years, due to the people not taking the situation seriously.

Fly-tipping is the disposal of waste in public areas. More fines are being handed out every day for fly tipping in Medway.

A minority of people think that littering and fly tipping is acceptable. However, more £100 fines are being handed out and the fines vary according to how bad the litter is and the area that the debris is in.

From our research, we have discovered that some people think of fly tipping as laziness. Medway Council say that the worst case was when a building was blocked by waste and tyres and couldn’t be entered. All other people we interviewed said that they never have, and never will commit this crime.

A caretaker at Rainham Mark says, “It’s disgusting! People who commit this crime should be reported. There are so many tips to use, most people who do it are just lazy.”

As well as the streets, animals are also affected because animals who use the soil can suffer from serious health problems.  If it’s dumped in a river or canal then the ducks, wildlife in the water and wildlife creatures surrounding or drinking the water will also be affected.

Fly tipping costs tax payers a prodigious £40 million each year. The council have recorded 936,090 incidents connected with fly tipping.  75% of Medway roads are occupied by CCTV Cameras.


News report relating to fly tipping is attached as a PDF

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