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Football wage war

Football Wage War

By Ayo Lanipekun, Joseph Avbunudje and Adam Roman

Footballers’ wages have begun to lead critics into well, criticism, as the public and critics themselves are starting to ask the question “Do footballers deserve their salaries?”

The event that triggered this was famous footballer, Paul Pogba, recently being signed for £89.3 million by his current football club, Manchester United, in the upcoming transfer window. Paul Pogba is known for being one of the most expensive footballers to be transferred from club to club. This links into the question that footballers may not be worth the amount of money they’re paid. Many people agree and disagree that the money could, and should, be used for something that could be a  greater good, such as the NHS or education.  

A student from Rainham Mark Grammar School, said, ‘Why the heck would someone pay you that much money for you to kick a ball?”

This money, it could be argued, would be more beneficial to be spent on charity or training young footballers.

A teacher from Rainham Mark Grammar School said in response to the question of footballer’s wages stating that ‘you can’t really justify it … nobody is really worth that much money”.

This issue is causing controversy from both fans and critics with the argument that footballers should be able to keep the amount of money they are transferred for because they earnt it.

These issues are not just arising from Pogba’s transfer window but have been discussed since the transfer of Gareth Bale from Tottenham to Real Madrid for a whopping £85 million pounds.

With rating for football being at an alltime high it leads fans to wonder what they are really paying for: the goals or the lifestyle of these players?

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