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Trump Trapping Terrorism

Trump trapping terrorism?

By Charlie Young, Ethan Mackenzie and Joseph Tydeman

Last night, Donald Trump had his travel ban blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii. Trump said it was an “unprecedented judicial overreach” and it was an “error”, the judge still thinks he is right and that Trump is extremely racist.

In an interview with Mr Pegg (a teacher at Rainham Mark) suggested “having lots of guards at airports and ferry ports”  instead of banning people from Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Syria and Iraq but Trump has said that he will “ take the case as far as it needs to go.

A student also said “Trump is stupid and unfair for trying to implement the ban” and Mr Pegg also said that the judge “Is right but not in his rights”. People seem to be negative towards Trump's travel ban and very happy with the judge.

When we went round a local school looking for people to ask about people’s opinion on Trumps ban and we got people replying with things like “he is stupid” and Mr Moore (a teacher at the school) said “It makes me really cross as people have ethnic rights and he is “so transparent as he says it is not about race when it clearly is.”

The  majority say that they wouldn’t decide to make the ban if they were in his position and instead would just let the muslims in. However not all the muslim countries are banned (the ones that have trade deals with the USA) so that means that if Trump really wanted to protect america then he would ban all muslim countries. Not just the select few.

What do you think about the situation?

Article relating to Trump as PDF attached

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